A Reason to Sing

Isaiah 42 is the first of four “servant songs”, (Bernard Duhm coined the term “Servant Songs” in his German commentary on Isaiah published in 1892.), in the latter third of Isaiah. The four are: Here in Isaiah 42:1–7 (or 1–4 with 5–9 as a post script), 49:1–6, 50:4–10, & 52:13–53:12 (some acknowledge a fifth song in 61:1–3). These can be categorized in a host of ways, such as the “Introduction” of the Servant, the “Mission” of the Servant, the “Obedience” of the Servant, and the “Suffering” of the Servant and many other frameworks through which to view these important songs. We’ll look at three of them this fall, and then spend Advent contemplating the fourth in detail.