Prayer requests:

1.  The Elders invite the congregation for a time of prayer this Friday to accompany the upcoming season of fasting. In addition to praying throughout the day, the church sanctuary will be available this Friday, October 5, from 12noon to 2p.m.

2. Gwen Collins asks for prayer for her brother, Bill Gwynn, who will undergo chemotherapy for newly diagnosed liver cancer. Please pray for a suitable liver donor. Bill resides in Georgia.

3. Pray for Sheri Taylor's cousin, Michael, who has spent 17 years in prison. DNA test is now showing that he was wrongfully accused, and is waiting on the final court case outcome.

4. Karine Heard was admitted to a hospital in New Canaan for severe grief depression. Please pray for wisdom, appropriate medication, and doctor care.

5. Meg Mandelburg was taken to the hospital on Saturday for heart issues. She was well cared for and has been diagnosed with the need for a pacemaker which she will soon receive.

6. Doug Donaldson's 92 year old mother is receiving hospice care in Beverly, MA, as she struggles with pulmonary fibrosis and congestive heart failure. She is a faithful follower of Jesus Christ and looks forward to seeing her husband in heaven!