Wangouman Update

Most of you know that GBC has been working in the remote Haitian village of Wangouman for the past five years. Most of you are also aware that we’ve helped build a church and improved their access to potable water.  But, has it made a difference?  Has it been worth it?

Despite continuing challenges, the answer is “yes.”  It’s pretty obvious in three ways.

First, the community now has access to potable water.  The 75ft deep, hand-dug well continues to yield water.  Each morning and afternoon villagers line up to fill their water jugs.  One big step forward is the community’s efforts to fund future pump repairs.  The church secretary is now collecting 25 HTG (about $.50) each quarter to keep the well going.  This is a giant step toward self-sufficiency and a source of pride for the community.

Second, Christ is proclaimed, the church has seen dramatic growth, particularly since the construction of the benches in November.  In addition to internal growth, there is now a community about 2.5 hours away that is sending 70 people to worship weekly.  The walk is up over a mountain. And, people from Wangouman hike to this community to conduct mid-week services.  A “church plant” there is in the works.

Third, and probably the most important, the community has been encouraged by our presence and continued care. We’re still there, and we are appreciated.  In fact, their church community prays for GBC each week.  

Our mission is not finished.  The church needs repair on the gable ends.  And, it still needs to be painted.  Finally, one of the greatest needs is formal education.  For many kids, it just doesn’t exist and limits their future.

Thanks, GBC for your support and prayer.  It is making a difference.