The Island Adventure

 The Haiti Team is home and smiling! 

--We conducted five medical clinics, seeing 500 people. Dr. Peronvil, the physician at the Pignon Clinic, was joined by Dr. Issac, an orthopedic doctor. We treated several cases of malaria and syphilis and had one positive HIV test. 31 people were treated for typhoid, and we dispensed 1500 prescriptions.  

--Pastor Mckensy, an interpreter, prayed with the people at the clinics.  10 people became followers of Jesus.

--During our visit to Wangouman, we officiated a child dedication--after listening to 2.5 hours of singing at their harvest festival.

--After church in Wangouman, we repaired faucets on two 1000 gallon cisterns, installing “user friendly” spigots and locks to help control and conserve water use.

--The women from the jewelry-making micro industry received the profits from their last endeavors and gave us more items to sell. 

--At the Lacaste orphanage, our team stripped rotting wood off the 60ft x 16ft building. They installed four jalousie windows in each of the three rooms, moved and added studs, and re-sheathed the entire building with treated T1-11.

--We constructed a water collection system on two other buildings, allowing the underground cistern to fill during the rainy season and help ease water needs. 

--Several local folks, some in their teens, helped us throughout the week.  It was a joy teaching carpentry and clinic procedures to these younger guys.

--On Saturday morning, we visited the orphanage one last time, just over twelve hours after finishing construction.  By then, the boys had carried their bunks into the new building--we’re not sure if they got permission, but they were very excited.

Thank you to our GBC family for all for the support and prayers before and throughout our trip.