Monday, March 19th, 2018

Isaiah 21:1-10 - Attitude is Everything
We see here a response from Isaiah, (vs.3&4), that reminds us of chapters 15 &16, but here Isaiah is not weeping as he did for Moab, but he is aghast as it were. In this second and more severe oracle against Babylon, the Medo-Persian conquests is in view (vs.2a), and again the lesson for us is not to gloat when those we may dislike get “what’s coming to em”. At the same time God’s end time judgments are also in view, (see vs. 9b & Rev.18:2), and Isaiah is depicted as watching and waiting for this. How can we have a proper balance of awaiting the final justice of God (restoring the world) while not personally gloating when it comes?