Haiti Vision Team, March 11-18, 2018

This coming Saturday our next Haiti Vision Team will be heading off.  The team of ten will be starting at 2:30am for a morning flight from JFK to Port-au-Prince.

After getting into Port-au-Prince (PAP), the team will travel for about five hours to Pignon where they will start their week’s stay at the Zion Guest House on the Lucien compound.  

On Sunday morning, the team drives another 2.5 hours to the church in Wangouman for their harvest festival.  Celebrations like this one are always a high-spirited time at local churches.  People visit from all over the area to worship together, bringing their choirs for a time of singing, which often lasts for hours, and is followed by a harvest meal.  

Daily, from Monday through Friday, our group will split into two teams.  The medical team will conduct several mobile medical clinics in the surrounding villages.  The construction team will start on two projects at the Lacaste orphanage, Fils et Fille de Sion, Sons and Daughters of Zion.  

The first project at Lacaste will be to re-sheath a 64ft x 16ft building with treated T1-11 and install four jalousie windows in each of the three rooms.  From the original design, one window per room, the added windows will help with light and ventilation.

The second project tackles the creation of a water collection system to feed an empty 10,000 gallon underground cistern. A filled cistern will help the orphanage with daily hygiene needs and, during times of drought, can be a source for filtering water.

After the team drives to PAP on Saturday, their return flight is on Sunday afternoon.  Please remember that all Vision Teams deeply desire the fervent prayers of those who aren’t traveling.  Prayer warriors are needed.