Friday, May 11th, 2018

John 9:1-34 Logic
One of the most interesting New Testament accounts -- here, the man healed of blindness debates with the Pharisees regarding who Jesus is and he testifies- “Whether or not he’s a sinner, I don’t know. One thing I know, I was blind and now I see”. Then later Jesus identifies Himself as the Son of Man (an OT title denoting deity) and the man responds- “I believe, Lord!” And he worships Jesus. How is the man’s experience of Jesus, his testimony about Him, and His conversion, all linked. Where are you in this journey, this progression? What have you experienced of Jesus? What do you believe about Him? What do you say about Him? Have you worshipped Him? 


Gary Campbell, Jr.

Groton Bible Chapel, 66 Toll Gate Road, Groton, CT, 06340

Gary Campbell Jr. serves as the Lead Pastor here at GBC. He is a lifelong GBCer who before coming to work at GBC had served in youth ministry for many years, after which Gary served as our Youth Pastor for ten years. Gary’s passion here at GBC is to see the church grow in its mission to impact the local community for the Lord, and see people go deep in discipleship over the long haul. He enjoys teaching the Bible and encouraging people one to one in their walks with Jesus. Gary and his wife Kristi have four children; Gary III, William, Nathan, & Ella. Gary is an avid outdoorsman, and baseball fan. He enjoys spending time with his family, camping, coaching baseball, and enjoying snowstorms and bonfires alike.