Conrads and Cameroon

GBC-supported missionaries Rick and Chelsea Conrad and their children live in Yaounde Cameroon.  Rick is a database programmer with Wycliffe Bible Translators. 

From their recent newsletter:

“Rick has been working passionately on software that ultimately aims to connect God’s Word to people who need to hear it. Here’s some of the projects he’s worked on:

    Dulu - a web app designed to help SIL Cameroon branch organize and track all of the translation and language development work going on in Cameroon. . . It’s gone from not existing at all, to being used by the branch. . . 

    CMB Payroll - replaces an old, broken Access program, making it possible for a small finance team to continue managing our many employees’ pay, benefits and taxes.

    Bloom Reader - the Android app for reading books created with Bloom. Bloom is an award-winning software that simplifies the process of publishing books in minority languages. . . 

    Hear This - a Windows program that makes recording mother-tongue scripture as simple as possible. . . 

    LibArchives - an online database of the branch library’s archives of linguistic research.

    AlphaChart Creator - creates alphabet chart packs for the soon-to-be-created AlphaChart Android app, which will give people interactive alphabet charts, helping them learn to read their mother tongue.”

“We’ve been attending a French-speaking church that’s about a five-minute walk from our house, and we try to make it to the small group meeting after the service. It has been a challenge for the kids to feel at home there, and we’re praying about how to make it better for them.”

Although life in Yaounde is relatively stable, the northern part of the country has seen violence from Boko Haram.  Let’s pray for their safety, the challenges of daily living, and their upcoming visit to the US this summer.