Clothes Corral for Haiti

It’s time for a clothing and shoe drive for the Fils et Fille de Sion Orphanage kids and the children of Wangouman, Haiti! These children live under challenging conditions and have very few clothes, especially ones that fit.  Often, their entire wardrobe is hung on three or four nails.   Most of the time they walk around without proper foot gear, putting themselves at risk of disease and infection.  Let’s help!

From now through June 17th, we will have a “Clothes Corral” placed in the Fellowship Hall by the Missions wall.  Please “lasso” a few items to contribute.  

Here’s what we’re looking to gather:

Clothing-- “Every day” and “dress up” clothes for Sunday are needed. Items like shorts, t-shirts, underwear, and socks are good for boys.  Older boys tend to wear long pants.  Girls wear t-shirts, blouses, skirts, shorts, dresses, underwear and socks, varying sizes from infant to teen.

    Used clothes--Please make sure they are in good condition.  They will be gifts.  A stained, torn item is not a gift.

    New clothing--Big dollar clothing is not needed.  Shop the sales and clearance racks.  Don’t worry about the latest fashion items.

Watch the styles and design logos--We’re working in a conservative Christian environment.  

Footwear--gently used and new.  From infant to teen.  Popular types are sneakers, sandals, and “crocs.”

The items will be shipped from GBC to some church friends in Florida who send clothing to Haiti regularly.  Then, they will be put on a freighter to Cap Haitian and delivered to the kids.

The “all in” price for shipment and customs is $2.00 per pound. We’ll have a scale at the Clothes Corral to help you weigh your donation--and maybe help fund the shipping cost.

Prayerfully, let’s make this a great success!