Students (and others) and the Global Mission of the Church

It’s instructive that the Urbana Missions Conference should attract 20,000 college and college-aged students … for the young people of our age are looking for a mission beyond their own self-interest and self-gratification. They are looking for a cause that will enlarge their world. It is also somewhat ironic that many of these same students responded to a call to become Jesus followers for the first time. Ironic because so many came to realize that their understanding of Jesus’ message was misguided and that they needed to authentically turn and trust in Him. Ironic because so much of what passes for Christianity in our age is false. For these reasons you are encouraged to pray for these students as they re-engage their lives while remembering what God has said during this past week. Pray especially for those who made professions to Jesus for the first time…that they would grow strong in their new faith. Pray for those who heard Jesus call them to a specific mission endeavor…that they would not be discouraged in taking the next steps. Pray for the inevitable “let down” that will make them wonder what seemed so clear during this missions conference. Finally, pray for those who led this event that God would keep them and bless them for all their service.

The New Year is upon us. Let’s pray that we will see God’s greatness and grace to reach those to whom He sends us…in our neighborhoods, workplaces and social spaces. Then let us be bold in speaking of Jesus and inviting friends, relatives and acquaintances to follow Him.