Snapshots from the Haiti Vision Team

This year’s leadership conference served about 225 Haitian pastors and leaders. It is a significant number, but only a number. The real story of the conference is the way in which Dave Humeston’s teaching connected with his audience. Dave wanted to give the pastors new tools to communicate the gospel in their churches. He taught and practiced a method that encouraged the pastors to memorize Scripture stories and develop applications from them. The pastor’s excitement was palpable. No sleeping in pews. No nodding heads. Just joyous discovery finding Scriptural treasures for themselves. Water filters save lives and150 were distributed—all of it done by the Haitian community. Ephraim Lucien was a great teacher who clearly taught the use and care of the filters. Did the Haitians understand his message? Totally. It was fun listening to Ephraim ask, “And can I use the water from this bucket to clean the filter?” The loud chorus of “No” told the story. The pastors understood the principal of using clean water to wash out the filter. Joy-filled pastors receiving the gift of clean water.

The combined medical clinics served over 550 patients. Haitians medical providers working alongside American counterparts—sharing—asking each other questions—laughing—serving together as friends. One morning Dr. Mike (from GBC) and Dr. Ben (JBM) walked around Pignon by themselves—and dreamed of what the JBM medical ministry could become. It was a very powerful time of building friendship. The second image is a bit more comical. Last year, in Wangouman, a young baby boy came to the clinic with severe burns on his bottom. Grim. Medical care and prayers were given. Fast forward to this year. Imagine sixteen “Blans” (whites) stopped at a shack on a rutted road clapping, cheering, and snapping pictures of the same bare bottom--unscarred on a healthy Haitian toddler. Healing. Pure joy.