Responding to the Threat of Terror and Those Who Would Promote It

ISIS continues to infect our world with terror and fear as it brutallyseizesterritory. Beheadings,torture,kidnappings,and humantraffickingspeakitsideology. Frontiers,aworldwide missions organization, is focused exclusively on the Muslim world. Theirmissionstatement: “Withloveandrespect,invitingallMuslim people to follow Jesus.” What is their response to increasing violence in this part of the world? They encourage God’s people to pray for God’s intervention. Remember Saul’s story in the book of Acts. He was a religious zealot and deliberately sought out Christians to both imprison and kill them. Yet, God met him on the Damascus road in all his rage and hatred. Saul asked the pertinen tquestion-“Who are you,Lord?” And God revealed to Saul that he was God’s chosen instrument to carry His name to Israel, to Gentiles, to kings, and he would suffer many things.

Frontiers has put together a 30-day prayer guide “Jesus Loves ISIS Members/LoveNeverFails”. Prayer goal: for “God to bring ISIS members into the knowledge of His love and grace”. Eachday’s focus has Scripture and songs to focus worship of God’s greatness and to cry out His own words back to him. There are three1 0-day foci.

Days1-10. Prayer according to Paul’s life (Acts 9:1-22) Days 11-20. Prayer through the fruits of the Spirit (Galations 5:160-25) Days 21-30. Prayer for specific places ISIS is present (Joshua 2:9- 13/6:1-20)

The PDF file may be downloaded from JESUS LOVES ISIS MEMBERS. You can also visit

May we know God’s blessings as we join His worldwide church in focused prayer for His intervention in our world.