Praying for the URBANA Missions Conference

URBANA 15 ( is InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s 15th student Missions Conference which is held between the Christmas and NewYear’s holidays in St. Louis, Mo. It is a time to seek an answer to the question of youth - “How do my gifts, dreams and calling intersect with God’s global mission?” URBANA offers a unique opportunity tofind out how one’s education and skills fit current needs in the world, whether in nursing, art, physics, business, teaching, law, design, youth ministry or technology. This conference brings together Christians with interests in global missions to a place for networking, information-gathering and recruitment.

The URBANA Conference also provides a time to worship, pray, and listen to God’s Word with 16,000+ people from diverse cultural backgrounds, a small piece of what awaits us in heaven.

We’re asking the GBC family to pray now for URBANA because many of those who will attend are in the decision- making moment during the summer. Pray that they hear God’s voice and are then prepared to hear Him speak when they arrive. Pray specifically for those from our GBC family who are looking for God’s call on their lives. Pray daily for Jesus to be worshipped among all people, tribes, and tongues.