Nepal Earthquake Update - Shattering of buildings, lives, and belief in the “gods”

Nepalese are afraid to go inside any building. For the second time in less than three weeks, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake shook Nepal, which had experienced a stronger 7.8 magnitude quake three weeks before. These quakes left thousands dead and even more injured. If the physical destruction is vast, the human devastation is equally enormous. The reports indicate a pervasive fear that envelops the entire population. Everyone is trying to get into the open air…or into a tent in the city of Kathmandu. People are grappling with both an emotional and a spiritual trauma that prompts the fundamental question, ‘How do the gods that I serve allow something so tragic to occur?’ Survivors are rejecting their centuries-long trust in Hinduism. The earthquakes have shaken not just buildings but belief systems and have led to that ancient question, ‘Why is this happening to us?’

On top of the current misery is the pressure of the annual monsoons just weeks away where the rains will create additional problems for sanitation, diseases (e.g. cholera and diarrhea), and further instability to the land itself.

Among all the relief workers there is a team of Christ-followers who are providing aid, both spiritual and physical, to those in Kathmandu. They report an amazing hunger for Jesus and the need for His people to continue on amid the hardship of the situation (think: “Where do we get water for today?”). The percentage of Christ-followers in Nepal is small but is the fastest growing belief in Nepal. Where 20 years ago, public profession of faith in Jesus ensured an automatic prison sentence, now thousands are questioning their beliefs and actively studying the claims of Christ.

Pray for God to work… for God to strengthen… for God to call many to trust in Jesus.