"War Room" - a Place, a Plan, a Promise & a Power

The recent film, “War Room,” dramatically focused our attention on the most powerful weapon God has given us in our fight against evil and for His kingdom rule. A “war room” may be nothing more than a prayer “closet” where we spend time alone or with a prayer partner in the presence of an all-powerful God. While “there” we confess our own sins and then plead for God’s work in our lives and in the lives of others. “War Rooms” have all kinds of notes posted on walls that remind its occupiers to pray specifically, continuously and fervently for matters of life: personal struggles, family issues, neighborhood activities, and for God’s work and workers worldwide. The “War Room” concept focuses our attention on the real enemy (Satan) and on God’s greater presence and power in defeating him. World news of evil tends to confuse our priorities, capture our attention and tempt us to make our own safety and stability central to our lives. Thus, our “enemy” distracts us from God who is all and in all things to bring us to Himself.

Take time this week to set up a prayer closet...a “War Room”. It may be an actual closet. It may be an app on your phone. It may be a word document in your computer. Ask God to open your heart to His work around the world… And as part of your conversations with our great God, place GBC missions and missionaries in Africa, India, Haiti, and other places around the world… as well as here in the United States… before our LORD for His attention and enablement.