Ministry Report from Steve and Mary Hawthorne

“We are glad to be back and settling in” to Potosi with responsibilities in different cities, including a conference on Orality/Bible storying (teaching Bible to a non-literate culture), a medical congress on Emergencies in Primary Care (Steve), a board meeting for SIM Bolivia (Steve), and further travel to do language evaluation for colleagues studying Quechua. They request our prayer for the following:

• Outreach to miners ... an industry that dates back to 1545. These miners are tough, hard-working people whose lives are often cut short by accidents and lung disease. Outside the mine, they believe in God, but are convinced His power ends at the tunnel entrance. Inside the mine is the devil’s domain and must sacrifice to hi for luck and protection. One miner, Lorenzo, began working the mines at age 12. An injury nearly paralyzed him; during recovery, he listened to his wife and children and put his faith in Christ. He now works in one of the larger mining cooperatives with 3000+ men. Steve and Mary’s goal is to arrange a health clinic for miners in December that will foster relationships that will bring miners to know Jesus.

• Praise for new teammates from northeast India, who are settling in and will work in the Potosi clinic. Pray for the authorities to grant approval for the new doctor to begin work. Also pray for God to grant cohesion and harmony to the multi- cultural clinic staff. (Steve is back seeing patients two days a week. First day - a man with spinal cord compression from an abscess, boy with broken collarbone and “some” minor surgeries).

• Pray for colleague teaching a course on “Sexual Abuse and how it touches your life” Nov. 12-14

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