Military Families

This week we encourage you to pray particularly for our military families. Begin by reading Psalm 91 where the ancient poet portrays God as our Refuge, a Shelter, and Protector. The psalmist then trades his insecurity about the future for the security only God can offer. Pray for military men and women to seek God and His Word, wherever they serve. In particular the following requests can orient your prayers and petitions.

• Pray for a sound mind - Ask God to shield their thoughts from Satan’s lies, for the Holy Spirit to clear minds of negative thinking, for peace instead of anxiety, to “be strong in the Lord and the power of His might”. [Ephesians 6:10]

• Pray that plans of evil be exposed and disarmed. [Psalm 129:6 & Psalm 129:4] • Pray for wisdom and foresight. To seek God’s word and trustworthy counsel in decision-making. Pray the Holy Spirit reveal what is unknown. [Prov. 20:18]

• Pray for humility in service and responding to authority. Pray for righteous leadership and respect in following. [1 Peter 5:5]

• Pray for strength, endurance and stamina. [Psalms 18:31-32]

• Pray for God’s compassion to be on them, especially those in active war zones, experiencing death and destruction every day. [Lamentations 3:22,23 & Ps. 123].

• Pray for righteous political leaders who make policy and strategic decisions affecting our military personnel …

• Pray for our service members to know God’s daily defense. [Psalm 124:2 & Psalm 91:14-16]

• Pray for God’s protection. [Psalm 125:1,2 & Psalm 124:8]

• Pray for healing - of broken bodies, broken emotions, and troubled minds from the realities of war. [Psalm 147:2]

And as we pray, remember our real enemy, Satan, always working to destroy the family of God. Take time to praise, thank, and worship each day and thus defeat the war plans of the enemy. For further help see - 10 Prayer Points for Our Military