Haiti Vision Team

Yes,it rains in Haiti. In fact, during the rainy season,it pours— almost every day for several hours in the afternoon and early evening. The rain swells rivers and creates hefty mud bogs, making travel and the delivery of construction materials quite tricky. GBC’s Haiti Vision Team returned two week ago, with lots of dirty, mud-caked clothes and sunburn from the morning rays, but with deep praise for the work God allowed them to do. The team was able to finish building and erecting trusses for the new church in Wangouman. Since March, the first half of the roof has been covered with corrugated steel and provides wonderful shelter for the local community. As a bonus, the team was able to put their flimsy tents under the finished roof and sleep dry. Several Haitians builders worked alongside our team, providing great assistance.

One day was spent helping train a mechanic and making auto repairs. New brakes and a fan clutch made JBM’s Ford Ranger a functional vehicle. In addition, the team braced a sagging roof on the Lucien’s house and hung a shed door on the garage. Generator repair and electrical work was completed before the daily deluge.

The March team had started to train several women in creating wirejewelry. A contingent from that group met the team and showed the progress they are making. One of the women said,“We thank you for the help you are giving us to make our lives better.”

In Wangouman the community of younger children were given clothing donated by one of our Awana clubs. After delivery of the clothes to Pastor Sileunes, about 100 children put on their new outfits and showed up at the church for a grand photo op.

Finally, the distribution of water filters to the orphanage in LaCoste and to Wangouman holds the potential of significantly helping those two communities improve their health. These pilot programs will not run without “bumps,” but prayerfully they will provide welcome relief from water-borne sickness.