Haiti Vision Team

In less than two months the next Haiti Vision Team will be boarding jets at JFK and heading to Port-Au-Prince. Twenty people from GBC will be stepping out in service from March 7th through March 14th. The goal of this trip is fourfold: - First, our 20s group will be working, sharing, playing, laughing, and studying about the goodness of God with the 20s group from JBM, our partner ministry in Haiti. - Next, working with Haitian medical providers, our medical team will hold health clinics in the remote area of Wangouman. - Third, we’ll teach Haitian women some new crafts skills with the vision of helping them create a small micro-industry. - Finally, we’re venturing into the world of church building.

Last March we helped construct a new church foundation. This trip, together with our friends, we’re going to start erecting a church roof while living in tents alongside the construction site.

Please start praying now for this joint Haitian-American adventure. Pray that we’ll be humble servants and a great encouragement to folks of Wangouman. Pray for all the planning and preparation that will happen between now and the team’s arrival. Pray that God will provide all the resources needed to complete the trip.