Haiti Update

On Monday morning, June 1st, an enthusiastic team of four will be traveling to Haiti to continue GBC’s support of the Jerusalem Baptist Ministries. Our return is on Sunday, June 7th. We have three major goals for the trip. First, we will continue our work helping JBM get some functioning vehicles. The roads in Haiti brutalize cars and trucks and increase the need for routine maintenance and repair. We want to make “road worthy”, a Ford Ranger pickup that was made in Taiwan and transported to Haiti. Parts for the truck are very expensive, but with some dogged sleuthing, our master mechanic has tracked down some replacements in Miami. Pray for the mechanic team as they work to train Vanesse, the JBM mechanic, in repair skills.

Second, our hope is to finish the trusses for the church at Wangouman. Beyond finishing the roof, our prayer is that we can effectively teach the skills necessary to build and hang trusses to three Haitian carpenters. The work in Wangouman is difficult because Haiti is in the middle of its rainy season. Construction deliveries and driving to Wangouman can be quite mud laden and challenging. Please pray for safety in travel and on the construction site.

Finally, we are going to pilot the use of a high-tech water filtration system. This system is used by several international relief agencies throughout the world. It holds the promise of expanding our efforts to make potable water available to many more JBM families. Please pray for a successful outcome as we train villagers in the use of the filtration process.