Haiti Team Report, November 2014

Last month (November 8th – 15th) GBC sent another teamto Pignon, Haiti (and elsewhere) to provide health screening, pastoral encouragement, and hope for the future to those living in one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere. The team was supported by Haitian medical personnel and provided health and wellness screenings to over 350 conferees, including the distribution of reading glasses collected from the GBC family. Additionally, they encouraged pastoral leaders by means of an inductive study format using smaller groups for discussion and dialogue. The team also gave medical and children’s education training to those who attended the conference.

The leaders also surveyed a potential building project (Spring ’15) in one of the outlying areas and did an update on some of the wells that have been constructed by means of funds given from GBC. These wells have not only provided much needed potable water to needy people but in one case the well has become the focal point for the establishment of a new Christian church facility and community. In this season of Thanksgiving and Advent we ought to be thankful for this continued partnership…where the skills and gifts given to GBC teams are merging with God’s provision of similarly skilled and gifted Haitian Christian leaders to bring people to health and wholeness both physically and spiritually. All praise is due to His great grace in this endeavor.