Growing Christians Ministries

Does the name Dave Reid sound familiar? If you’re new to GBC, you may have heard that name referenced and wondered, just who is he? Dave Reid and his wife, Margie, founded Growing Christians Ministries over 40 years ago, and it’s now a worldwide internet outreach that’s rich with solid biblical teaching. The expansive website at features over 1,700 audio messages in which Dr. Dave teaches through the entire Bible, book by book. The site also includes an extensive collection of devotionals, courses, blogs, and worship music (some of which were recorded at GBC as part of our Christian Growth Classes).

After Dr. Dave went to be with the Lord in 2012, his son, Ron, took over as Director of the Ministry. ( Ron often serves as the electric guitarist on the GBC stage many Sunday mornings). Ron has been working for Growing Christians Ministries for 20 years, and continues to write devotionals, record new worship music, and create new features for the website. One of the latest additions is a unique online Scripture memorization program for the whole family that uses virtual flash cards.

The Growing Christians Ministries website now averages over 2,500 pages viewed per day by users all around the world. Please visit the site and use it often (and “like” the GCM Facebook page too)! And please pray that the Lord will continue to use this outreach in mighty ways!