Good News From Haiti

The political climate of Haiti is in chaos, and the effects of severe drought still ripple through impoverished communities. But, there are rays of light in the dark landscape. After two years of preparatory work, the Jerusalem Baptist Ministries of Pignon, GBC’s partners in Haiti, has started a full-time medical clinic. The working vision statement, in English, is, “The Children and Family Medical Center of the Jerusalem Baptist Ministries of Pignon exists to extend the healing ministry of Jesus by providing quality primary healthcare to the needy people of the greater JBM community.” Recognizing that medical care can be given under the shade of a tree, the ministry is starting small. Currently, it is housed in the spartan clinic of the JBM school in Pignon. There is a full-time doctor, nurse, and pharmacy technician. These humble beginnings initiate big dreams. The eventual goal is the establishment of a mid-level care facility in Pignon, outreach clinics in remote areas, and a number of trained community health workers who will become the eyes and ears of the medical professionals at the mother clinic.

Dr. Benjamin Eugene is the Haitian medical director. Dr. Ben graduated in October 2010 from one of the best medical schools in the Dominican Republic. His passion for medicine started as a youngster. When he was ten years old, a good friend was in a car accident and needed surgery. However, due to a lack of proper medical care, his friend died. This experience became the motivator for Dr. Ben to become a doctor. He is married to Yadira, a urologist, and has one son, Christian. He is Jephthe and Ephraim Lucien’s nephew.

GBC has been very involved in the beginning of this new ministry. Beside financial support, we are offering support from our own medical team. Let’s pray that God would bless this fledgling ministry.