Devastating floods in Cap Haitien, Haiti

THE BEST THINGAVAILABLEFor the second time in four months, heavy flooding caused by rain has placed much of the city of Cap Haitien under water. Cap Haitien or “Cap” is the largest city on the northern coast of Haiti. Like countless places throughout the world, its struggles are often ignored or underreported. Cap is the closest large city to GBC’s ministry partners in Pignon. As people attempt to recover from this devastating flooding, they walk through the unsanitary knee-high waters, trying to retrieve anything they can from their meager possessions. When the floods recede, the challenge of finding daily food increases. Most people cook on charcoal fires on the ground. Soaked charcoal doesn’t burn. The staple food, rice, gets ruined, and street vendors can’t prepare meals because of the flooded conditions. This is only one small snapshot of the struggle our Haitian friends are experiencing. And, scenes like this repeat throughout the world as natural disasters, political instability, and economic disparity ravage the underserved. There is a Haitian saying that says, “An empty stomach has no ears.” As we pray for our friends in Cap, let’s be diligent in our prayers for those experiencing great hardship throughout the world. Pray that their stomachs may be full so their ears will be ready to hear of the redemptive work of Jesus Christ.