Builders for Christ

This week, twenty-two construction missionaries from GBC are serving in Pratt, Kansas, helping to build a new 15,000 square foot multi-purpose building for the First Southern Baptist Church. FSBCPratt has grown out of its current building and is renovating and expanding to better serve the people of their church family and community. The work is being completed by Builders for Christ, a group of people serving Jesus Christ in the mission field of church construction. They help churches build their buildings by providing and coordinating volunteer labor. The building teams consist of volunteers from all walks of life.

Our GBC team, tool belts fastened and hard hats donned, have joined with over 100 BFC co-workers as they begin this new construction. For the fifth year in a row, they will be “high flyers” as they help to frame in and lay the tall trusses swung into place by giant cranes.

As our team takes the opportunity to step into front-line service, please be in prayer for their safety on and off the job site. Pray that they will exude great excitement for God as they watch Him in action. Pray that their personal walk with Jesus would grow as a result of their time in Kansas. Pray for their homeward travel next Saturday.