Advent and Missions

Advent literally means “coming to”…and we celebratethe “coming to” our world of Jesus as the Son of God. The parallels between God’s initial work in sending Jesus to our “work” of sending and being sent are too numerous to list here. But as this is the last Sunday of Advent, let’s be people who reflect Jesus’ sending and coming in the way we come to others…having been sent by Jesus Himself.

As Jesus did, let us come to our world humbly, without pretense, depending not on our own position or power but placing ourselves as servants (by being served) to those around us. As Jesus did, let us come morally pure and upright giving no one a reason to doubt our motives…even when persecuted. As Jesus did, let’s come to our world (family, friends, those we’ve not met yet) with a sense of expectancy…quick to listen, slow to speak. As Jesus did, let’s come to our world as part of God’s great plan…seeking to pray for and encourage those who are “doing missions” in “hard places”… specifically, those who bear witness to the incarnate Lord in places like India, Haiti, Michigan, New Hampshire, Southeastern Connecticut, and our own neighborhoods.

In Advent we expectantly wait for the One who has already come…and who will come again.