March Haiti Vision Team, March 12-20

In less than two weeks, GBC’s next Vision Team will be flying to Port-au-Prince, Haiti to serve on a nine-day outreach. The team of 16 ranges from ages twenty to seventy. The youngest member is Savannah Buckley, a sophomore majoring in communications and global ministry at Indiana Wesleyan University. The oldest member will remain anonymous. The team’s plan is to complete the mission of the cancelled trip in November and combine it with the medical outreach we usually do in March. We’ll begin our ministry with a two-day medical clinic in Wangouman, using the new church GBC helped build in the past year. Because of severe drought conditions, we will not be camping at Wangouman this year. Instead we’ll stay at a nearby (meaning 80 minutes away) retreat center.

Then we’ll head to Pignon to conduct a pastors’ leadership conference for about 350 attendees. Dave Humeston will be teaching and facilitating most of the plenary sessions. Sherylann Bonner will host discussions with the women. Our medical staff will teach on the Zika virus. In addition, GBC’s medical staff, along with the staff of the JBM Children and Family Medical Center, will hold a medical clinic for all the participants of the conference.

Because of the robust number of medical staff, an additional goal is to conduct medical clinics in two more remote communities during the days of the conference. We anticipate having two medical teams, one at the conference and one out in the field.

The challenges of serving in Haiti are many. The need for safe food and clean water are constant. Road conditions are poor throughout the country. The presence of the Zika virus has created the need for additional vigilance. In addition, the political climate in Haiti remains unsettled. We definitely covet the prayers of the folks at GBC, both for our short-term team and our long-time friends in Haiti.