Religion or Resignation - Matthew 19:13-30

Matthew Chapter 19 concludes with an encounter with what a harmony of the Gospels reveals is a rich young ruler who comes to Jesus seeking validation of his religious performance unto salvation. This encounter is intimate and is pointed as Jesus, once again, gets to the heart of his hearer, and this all takes place in front of the watching and listening disciples. When this young man goes away sad, unable to lay down his wealth at the feet of Christ, Jesus, as is His practice, seizes this moment to further instruct His most committed followers, (and this includes you and me if we are followers of Jesus), that Salvation is the work of God alone, and yet will cost us anything and everything that might draw worship away from Him. Matthew 19:13-30 (We’ll focus primarily on vs. 16-30 in this week’s message) Here Jesus uses His encounter with this young man to continue to reveal truth about the Kingdom and eternal life- namely that measured performance is not the means to our being saved (or sanctified), but that God in fact does the saving (vs.25-26). How is this an encouragement to you? Where in this account can you relate to this man’s impulse to earn his “worth” in God’s eyes?