Monday, January 11th, 2016

Grace, Mercy and Two Kinds of Blindness…Matthew chapter 20 is a parable told in response to Jesus' encounter with the Rich Young Ruler at the end of chapter 19. Jesus uses this parable of the landowner and the laborers to highlight the “equity” of God’s Grace, and His Sovereignty in lavishing that Grace on those whom He choses, and even seeks out. His Grace and Mercy is boundless. This teaching is meant to challenge his disciples, (and our), persistent temptation to judge, categorize, qualify, and scrutinize who is deserving of God’s favor- (who, when and how much). This parable blows that all apart and wants to leave the reader in a place of resigned humility and worship of such a Gracious, and clearly infinitely wise God.

Matthew 19:30 The parable following in Ch.20 is set up by this statement. How does Jesus intend for the disciples to understand this “riddle”? Before exploring this parable, what is your understand of this teaching? Note your response and compare again after finishing this week’s devos.