Monday, August 3rd, 2015

Next Sunday we’ll depart from our typical “Order of Service” to come together as the people of God to actually pray. We’ll use the 2 general movements of Jesus’ model prayer in Matthew 6 (which actually has six petitions or requests) as the basis for our time together. Please use Jesus’ prayer as the basis both for your devotions and to prepare for our time of concerted prayer together. Matthew 6:9 - “Holy Be Your Name”

Petition #1 – “May You have Your proper Place” – When we pray these words we’re requesting God to hold and restore His reputation in a visible way before the entire universe. We begin by focusing our attention on the reputation of our great God and by asking that this reputation (aka His holiness, His name...) be above and beyond all others...

--> Where do you desire to see God have His proper place in your life & world?