Using Your Skills For The Lord

Dennis Hoover from GBC will return to Buchanan, Liberia this month, helping Alive Liberia Missions provide training and mechanical skills for their lumber sawing operation.

Revive Liberia Missions of Spencer, Indiana, helps indigenous churches in the Alive Liberia network by providing resources and training for economic development and pastoral support. The ministry, together with Wood-Mizer, a sawmill manufacturer, has supplied three sawmills, parts, and personnel in Buchanan, helping Christians provide jobs for themselves and support for their churches.

Liberia is located on Africa’s west coast just across the ocean from Connecticut.   The major religion is Christianity.  English is the official language, and its government is patterned after ours.  It is rich in beauty and natural resources, but economically very poor. Ranking among the poorest countries in the world, the per capita income is less than $1000 per year. Government corruption is widespread. It is recovering from recent civil wars and a virulent Ebola outbreak. Most of the comforts we take for granted in the United States are nonexistent.  Relatively few are productively employed. 

Last April, Dennis traveled with five others, including the mission founders. This time, it is just he and JB, a Wood-Mizer employee.  They’ll be met in Monrovia by African friends who are very excited about this visit.  Lord willing, they will re-connect, repair, re-train, and rejoice together at the work the Lord is doing there.

Please pray for…

—the leaders of this mission, Phil and Karen Eckart (Spencer, Indiana), and “Frog” Kangar and his wife Sarah (Monrovia, Liberia)--to maintain their tireless courage and enthusiasm

—Joe and others at the sawmill--for safety and encouragement
from God.

—safe uncomplicated travel for Dennis and JB during their 12-day visit.

—the Lord to work effectively through Dennis and JB during this visit.