Haiti Update

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma caused huge damage on the continental United States.  Before hitting the Florida Keys, Irma spread her devastation throughout the Caribbean.  Fortunately, she veered northward before landing on the northern Haitian city of Cap Haitien.  “Cap,” as it is known, was spared from the most injurious winds and rain.  

Pastor Jephthe Lucien, who during the school year lives in Cap, wrote of his thanks for GBC’s prayer support during the storm: 

“In Acts 12, there is an account where Peter the Apostle was put to jail and about to be executed. The word of God tells us in verse 3-19 that the church never stopped praying. God did a miracle and even the people who were praying could not believe and understand what had happened when Peter knocked on the door. The reality is that when Christians are praying, God does incredible things. 

I wonder how many people, who were praying, really understand what the Lord just did for Haiti last night because of our prayers. Irma, a category five hurricane, was expected to hit northern Haiti . . . and we all watched the storms leaving the area. We just thank you for praying. We thank God for answering our prayers.”

On Thursday, September 21 through Monday, September 25, Brandon Barnes, Dave Humeston, and Andy Bonner travel to Haiti to prepare for the upcoming November trip.  Please be in prayer for them.  Their tentative schedule is:

Thursday--JFK to Port-au-Prince--purchase supplies
Friday--Buy medical tests for a lab at the JBM medical clinic in Pignon
        Prepare lumber for Wangouman, travel to Pignon
Saturday--Wangouman--organize for the pew building in November
    Visit the orphanage in Lacast
Sunday--Brandon and Andy speak in separate churches, Travel to PAP
Monday--PAP to JFK