Politics and Missions: Haiti

GBC has an active ministry in Haiti through our partnership with the Jerusalem Baptist Ministries (JBM).  Jephthe and Mitou Lucien, and Ephraim and Nandy Lucien are people we support on a regular basis.  

Haiti is a democratic republic.  The current president, Jovenal Moise, was elected in November 2016 for a five-year term after a hotly contested and violent election in 2015 left an interim president at the helm.

The political history of the country is quite sordid. Haiti first declared its independence in 1804.  Since that time instability, influenced by foreign interference, has often been the state of existence.  

Recent history, highlighted by the brutal regimes of the Duvaliers, who ruled the country from 1957 to 1986, followed by the on and off presidency of Jean-Bertrand Aristide, have left political life in a mess.  In addition, natural disasters, culminating in the horrific earthquake of 2010 that leveled 60% of the governmental buildings and killed 25% of the civil servants, only made matters worse.  The result is a country with inadequate infrastructure, often operating on political graft.

While the country is relatively open to the Gospel, the good news of the Savior is often overshadowed by the dark forces of superstition. So, both traditional religious beliefs and self-serving political conditions that leave people under-educated, malnourished, and sickly pull people away from the message of Jesus Christ.

GBC’s goal is to help our Haitian partners in the area of temporal support (water, medical care, housing, etc.) so that the leaders of JBM can be more effective ministers of the Gospel.

Pray that the government of Haiti will take dramatic steps to change its history of chaos.  Please pray that God will work mightily in Haiti in spite of the forces that pull people away from Him.