VBS and Missionary Kids

VBS and Missionary Kids

This past week GBC held its annual Vacation Bible School.  Each night an average of 200 children came to the Chapel to have fun and learn more about Jesus.  A favorite chorus spoke these truths:  “Sin messed everything up. . .But God really wants you and me to live with Him for eternity.”  Simple and powerful.

Why bother with VBS? The list of answers is long, but here are three great reasons:

1. VBS is a great opportunity for our kids to reinforce their understanding of Jesus.  For some it is the first time they really understand the personal sacrifice Jesus made for them--and they make a decision to become a Christ-follower.  Connecting truth with fun and fellowship is a powerful evangelistic tool.

2.  VBS is a great time for adults to put their faith into action.  From the kitchen staff making little pizza rollups to the Bible teachers telling stories by a camp lantern and an “almost real fireplace,” our adults work as a team with a missional focus.  It is an awesome experience. 

3.  VBS is a great way for our kids to encourage their friends to learn about Jesus. Each night just under 20% of the kids were from churches other than GBC.  More exciting--almost 15% of the kids identified no church affiliation.  And, many of those “newbies” were invited by our kids. VBS provides the opportunity for our children to be missionaries-in-action.  GBC’s youngest members--our best evangelists.  

Beneath the chaos, the laughter, the games, the singing, and all the “stuff,” VBS is serious business. Over 200 children hear a clear, compelling presentation of the Gospel story.   Let’s do our part by praying for these young hearts to sincerely embrace Jesus in a new, vibrant, and life-changing way.