Seeing the World as Jesus Sees It

In the past five months, GBC has sent out six Vision Teams.  In March and April, two teams went to Haiti’s central plains, ministering to hundreds of folks both spiritually and physically.  Another team traveled to Tennessee helping to rebuild a church devastated by forest fire.  In July, we sent out three teams of our youth.  One group went to support the dreams of a small church in the Navajo Nation.  Two teams came alongside people who struggle with a variety of physical, emotional, and economic hardships in rural Vermont and New Hampshire.  In all, we sent out 90 people. 


To be the hands and feet of Jesus.  It’s not that Jesus needs our help.  But, He allows us the privilege to demonstrate our love for Him by serving others. It’s not a burden; it’s a great opportunity to our use personal talents for God.  It’s a joy.   

To see the world as Jesus sees it.  The American culture often encourages believers to look away from the world that Jesus sees.  Jesus is counter cultural.  The Bible reminds us that “Jesus wept” and was “deeply moved in and spirit and troubled” (John 32-35) when He saw the pain of others.  It opens our eyes.

To live as Jesus lived.  Taking the risk to serve others stimulates a pattern of God-service.  If you can serve in Haiti or Tennessee or Arizona or New England, you can be a light for Jesus in Groton, New London, East Lyme, or Ledyard.  Exercising your “serve” muscle strengthens your relationship with Jesus.  It moves us to action. 

Our Vision Teams are not just a “thing we do.” They are purposeful opportunities for our congregation to better experience the joy of seeing the world as Jesus sees it.