Senior High WorkCamp NE

GBC’s final summer vision team heads out today, July 16th, and travels to Alton, New Hampshire for their week of service.  Throughout the week, nine senior high students will be led by Caleb Maloney along with Larry and Sue Spencer.

Starting tonight, the team will be camped out on the classroom floors of the Prospect Mountain High School where they will neatly store and dutifully fold all of their clothing—just like they do at home.  Then they will have supper and kick off the week with an enthusiastic time of worship.  They will follow the same basic schedule as the middle school team did two weeks ago.

On Monday morning, the GBC team will divide and join several other groups.   They will have an extended time of devotions and breakfast before they head out for their first day of service. The construction tasks focus on the clients’ needs.  Scraping, painting, roofing, hanging sheetrock, and rebuilding ramps and porches are common projects. 

Each day is filled with hard work.  Halfway through the morning, they “break” for group devotions and spend time throughout the day getting to know their clients who need support because of age, health, or economic condition.  Often the teens deepen their personal spiritual walk because of these interactions. 

This daily pattern continues until Thursday night when all the clients are invited to supper at the high school to eat with their students.  During the evening the Gospel message is shared with everyone there.

Friday is half work and half play, followed by an evening time of praise, prayer, and spiritual challenge. Saturday the team returns home.

A theme of GBC high school students this year was “Saved to Serve.”  As our teens step out in their faith walk, let’s remember to be constant in our prayer support for them.