Report Out - Builders for Christ

    The Builders for Christ team returned last Saturday from their mission trip to rebuild Roaring Forks Baptist Church in Gatlinburg, TN which was set ablaze during the Smokey Mountains forest fires in November.  We worked on two projects: a Family Life Center on the church’s original foundation and a new worship center across the street.

    Although the GBC team is known as the “truss team,” we also erected walls, built thresholds, windows, doorways, and strengthened all load bearing walls.  We laid flooring, nailed decking on the roof, and sanded the Worship Center’s basement walls.  Some of us prepared food--lunch and dinner were prepared and eaten under the on-site pavilion.  What an absolute joy it was on Wednesday going to dinner and being welcomed by children and parishioners who thanked us for our work as we shook hands with them along the walkway to the pavilion area. Worship under the new roof on Thursday was inspiring. When we left on Saturday, the trusses were completed in the Family Life Center and the plywood was on 75% of the roof.  The trusses were well underway in the new worship center.  

    It was a special blessing to begin our work day with morning devotions (written by GBC members) and praise God through song led by Ethan Harris.  This was the second year we gathered for devotions at the job site and many workers from other teams joined us.

    God is good. The weather was great, and we labored and prayed together with teams from AL, VA, TN, NC, FL, LA, and TX.  May God continue to bless the congregation of Roaring Forks Baptist Church as they minister to the people of Gatlinburg and the area’s children through their feeding program and Christian activities bus ministry.

By Sue Spencer, Team Member