Using Your Skills For the Lord

In April, GBCer Dennis Hoover traveled to Buchanan, Liberia, to share his skills maintaining sawmill equipment and sawing lumber.  As a result of his visit, five new Liberian friends can sharpen bandsaw blades and contact Dennis as needs arise.

Dennis supported Revive Liberia Missions that helps indigenous churches in Liberia by providing resources and training for economic development. Wood-Mizer, a sawmill manufacturer, and others have supplied three sawmills to Buchanan, helping Christians there provide jobs for themselves and support for their churches. 

Liberia and Connecticut share the same ocean, the same earth, and the same Lord.  It has rich ocean resources, natural beauty, timber, palm oil, rubber, and minerals.  Its government is patterned after ours. The major religion is Christianity and English is the official language. But, problems abound.  Corruption is widespread. Long lasting civil wars have devastated the economy and infrastructure. From 2014-2015, it was hit by an Ebola outbreak. Unemployment and extreme poverty abound.  The UN’s Human Development Index ranks Liberia at 177 out of 188, falling between Haiti and South Sudan. Most of the “creature comforts” we take for granted in the United States are nonexistent.  Yet, there is a thriving Christian presence. Jesus is often praised in homes, churches, and the streets. 

Please pray for…

--Continued strength and courage for Phil and Karen Eckart of Spencer, Indiana, leaders of this mission.
--Health and strength for William “Frog” Kangar and his wife Sarah, of Monrovia, who work tirelessly supporting the mission there and for Bestman, a young dynamic pastor and student.
--Pray that government workers would be favorably disposed to help mission work when it is placed before them.
--For success, safety, and the Lord’s will to be done in establishing the sawmill operation and direction for Dennis’ future role in the ministry.