Builders for Christ and Prayer

    With today’s commissioning of the Builders For Christ (BFC) team and our greeting of the Wills family, comes the reminder that we are all called to prayerfully remember our vision teams and supported missionaries regularly. 

    In particular, for the next two weeks, please remember the BFC team in your conversations with God.  

    On Saturday, May 27th, the team will be leaving for Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  About half of the team will fly to Charlotte, North Carolina and then drive to Tennessee.  The other half will drive their cars from Groton.  Please pray for safety for the team and times of great fellowship during travel.  

    On Sunday, the team will be worshiping with the Roaring Forks Baptist Church congregation.  BFC plans to help rebuild their church structure after it was burned down during the devastating forests fires last fall.  For the past several months, the church has met in a temporary meeting place, but longs to continue its bus outreach ministry to the youth of the area in a new permanent home.

    The team will be hard at work from Monday through Friday.  Please pray for their safety.  Often, members of the team work high off the ground.  Pray that they will be able to complete their part of the construction, so that subsequent BFC teams will be able to stay on schedule.

    Please pray for the team as it mourns the recent passing of Pat Donavan, a committed BFC team member.  Pray that the team will be spiritually refreshed as they work throughout the week.  Pray for great fellowship within our team and the scores of other people who will be working alongside our folks.  

    On Saturday, June 3rd the drivers and the flyers will be returning home.  Again, please pray for traveling safety.