Update on Michael and Jill Wills

Michael and Jill Wills praise God for the opportunity to serve Him at Rift Valley Academy, a missionary school in Kijabe, Kenya, and the greater mission of reaching all unreached people groups in Africa.

Michael claims this is his best year teaching Biology and AP Biology to missionary kids. He especially loves using his passion and skills to invite students and families into camping, fishing, bee-keeping, and hammock-making adventures. 

Jill’s current schedule is the perfect mix of task-oriented and people-oriented ministry. She spends her mornings as the administrative assistant in the elementary school and her afternoons mentoring high school girls. Evenings and weekends are filled with family activities, teaching Sunday school, and running other extra-curricular activities for the students. 

Their children Noah (6th grade), Maddie (4th grade), and Tyler (2nd grade) seem to be thriving as well. 

The Wills are in the States until August for their 4-month Home Assignment. They are soaking up time with family and friends and are taking full advantage of first world conveniences. They’re finding that “Home Assignment life” is more challenging than “ministry life” in Kenya. Traveling and living out of suitcases for four months is stretching. Speaking engagements, reconnecting with different people every day, and the lack of down time is socially and emotionally draining. But they are trying to take advantage of the opportunity to be stripped of false idols (control, order, their own space) and find true security and contentment in the only constant, Jesus. 

Prayer Requests:
-    effective communication and meaningful connections
-    stamina
-    “down time” to rest and rejuvenate
-    fruitful discipleship at RVA
-    new believers among every tribe and nation

“That at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow… and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord.”  -Philippians 2:10-11