Be a Missionary or Mission Field

     Jill Briscoe was one of the plenary speakers at the recent IF Gathering in February. She has authored more than 40 books and served on the boards of Christianity Today and World Relief.  She is the Executive Editor of a magazine for women, Just Between Us, and is a regular contributor on the worldwide media ministry, Telling The Truth.  She and her husband Stuart have traveled around the world ministering to under-resourced churches.  They have three children and thirteen grandchildren.  

     Jill was born in England in 1935, and attended Cambridge University.  At 18, she became ill and was hospitalized.  The girl in the next bed led Jill to the Lord and taught her an unforgettable life lesson:  “The mission field is between your own two feet at any given time.” [You are] “either a missionary or a mission field.”  

    After graduating from Cambridge University, Jill worked as a teacher and director of a nursery school and Christian youth center in Liverpool.  Then, she and Stuart were called to minister in the United States.

    One time, after a challenging ministry visit in India, she wrote a poem titled All the Way Home.  In it, she encourages us not to abandon our life’s faith call when we become tired or discouraged--but to carry our cross all the way--as an act of obedience to the One who gave His life for us.

    In her inspiring message at the conference, she exhorted, “You go where you’re sent, and you stay where you’re put, and you give what you’ve got.”  

    She reminds us that our “mission field” is wherever God places us--in Africa, or India, or Haiti, or Bolivia, or our own backyard.  Our mission field is the piece of real estate right under our feet.