Lacaste Orphanage

Jerusalem Baptist Missions has an orphanage in Lacaste, Haiti.  The 65 kids come from a variety of backgrounds.  Many have neither mother nor father.  Some are from families, usually with one parent, who are unable to care for their children for a host of legitimate reasons.  All of the kids face life with few, if any, resources.  JBM has established the Lascaste orphanage to be a place where these kids can live and thrive, if only for a while until their home situation improves.

JBM’s commitment to these children needs support.  The buildings of the orphanage range from bleak to uninhabitable.  Food is scare. Clothing is threadbare.  Sanitation and shower facilities are inadequate. Care workers are underpaid if paid at all.  

Now that GBC has completed the benches for the church in Wangoumam, we think it’s time to support these kids.  The Missions Committee along with those helping in the Haiti ministry have set two goals at the orphanage for the coming year.

1.  We want to help upgrade and renovate the existing buildings.  In March, we plan to re-sheath a 48’ x 16’ building with rotted siding, allowing three more livable rooms.

2.  The Missions Committee will give financial support to the orphanage.  In addition, we’ve approved a plan for the congregation to “sponsor” kids.  We think it will be God-honoring and exciting for the GBC family.  Watch for the kickoff in January.   

As we move into this new relationship in Haiti, let’s pray that God will lead and we will follow with willing hearts.