GBC and Copper Jewelry

Some missions’ organizations call it the “development of a micro-industry,” providing training and resources so that local believers can start their own business and help lift themselves out of poverty.  For GBC it means that three members of our church have used their God-given skills to help our friends in Haiti by teaching them how to make wire jewelry out of copper.

Two years ago, Carolyn Kinzer, Deborah Harms, and Susan Baker taught several Haitian ladies how to do just that.  Our GBC trainers used a simple method: they taught the ladies basic copper jewelry-making techniques and then told them to get creative.  Three ladies have continued on and made more than 100 pieces of jewelry that GBC has brought back and sold for them.  The women have even been selling the jewelry to their friends in Pignon.  

This opportunity has been life changing for these three women.  Since the average Haitian earns less than two dollars per day and women even less than that, the few hundred dollars they have earned from their jewelry has significantly changed their lives.   

Sona has a daughter with health issues, and she has been able to pay doctors and hospital bills with the money she has earned.  

Marie has been able to pay the tuition to keep her children in school. 

Renaud, a single mom of four, truly sees this opportunity as sent by God.  She has taken her money and gone to Hinche (a larger nearby city) and purchased items that she brings back to Pignon to sell and make even more money.   

The women are proud of their creations.  And, earning their own way has improved their self-esteem.  What a joy it is to watch God use three women in our congregation to dramatically improve the lives of three Haitian families. Praise Him!