GBC Missions - Part 4 - Support

    How can you support GBC Missions?  Start with prayer rather than your pocketbook.  Prayer is the “gold” of God’s economy.  But, to carry out our ministry, we need your financial support as well.  There are three ways to contribute to GBC Missions.

    First, you can contribute to the General Missions Fund.  This fund gives about $50,000 each year to our missionaries.  In addition we occasionally partner with other ministries or missionaries that need special help.  Two recent examples are a contribution to SyriaVision, to help Syrian believers and a gift given to a young teacher who raised her own support to fill a critical science faculty vacancy at Rift Valley Academy in Kenya.  We also fund the leaders of our Vision Teams.

    The second way to help is by supporting our Vision Teams.  While we encourage team members to pay their own way, it is also our desire that everyone God has called goes on a team.  To help that goal, we allow the overall team cost to be reduced somewhat through team contributions.  Further, we encourage you to help individuals who need it. 

    The final way to contribute is through our Missions Special Projects Fund. This fund supports the ongoing ministries of GBC Missions.  Right now, it is used in Haiti to sponsor our yearly conference, support our push for potable water, continue construction projects, conduct remote medical clinics, and support the growing medical clinic in Pignon.  This fund has also been used for projects in India and Africa.

    GBC Missions covets your fervent prayer and continual financial support for our friends serving around the world, our upcoming Vision Teams, and the unfinished opportunity of serving Him in places like Haiti.   May it be our passion to constantly strive to reflect Jesus to the needy world.