Update From the Hawthornes - Potosi, Bolivia

     Steve and Mary Hawthorne serve in Potosi, a city in the Bolivian Andes mountains.  Steve serves as a medical doctor, providing medical care for silver miners and their families who face a multitude of medical issues from poor mining conditions and illnesses brought on by poor diet and living at higher than normal altitude (Potosi rises over 9000 ft above sea level). This past week Steve participated in a symposium focused on High Altitude Medicine which sought to understand and address these needs. 

    Additionally, they ask for prayers in seeking to provide help for the physically handicap.  Potosi is an old Incan/Spanish city that lies along the side of a mountain with narrow sidewalks and steep inclines… all of which challenge those in wheel chairs.  After repeated efforts to make city officials aware of this need, Steve asks prayer for God’s wisdom in helping the city make changes to care for the handicap.

    Steve, Mary and volunteers also provide both medical and spiritual care for hospice patients. In the last three weeks they have ministered at three deaths!  Pray for God’s comfort in this ministry.

    In the coming week would you pray with them for the following:

•    A young alcoholic miner who saw the church lights and walked in off the streets, seeking change.  He prayed, offering his life to God.  Pray as he seeks to grow in faith.

•    A young lawyer who helps Steve with the paperwork registering the medical clinic with different government agencies has opened his home for a 6 week Bible study with Steve using “Christianity Explained”.  Pray that he and his friends come to know Jesus personally.

•    Steve and Mary have just finished that same course with a group of Christian miners; pray God’s wisdom as they share their faith with their companions.

•    Steve and Mary are teaching the Intercultural Communication course to the teachers of the Highlands International school in LaPaz, the capital of Bolivia.

•    August 12-17 - Pray for their refreshment in the USA, especially visits with Mary’s mom and a weekend vacation with their children.

•    Pray for new missionaries, an oncology nurse and family physician, as they raise support to join the Potosi team in 2017. Another woman plans to join them in September this year, teaching ESL as an outreach ministry.