Update from South Sudan - Civil War’s Affects on Children

    As we get ready to care for GBC Kids via Vacation Bible School, we are urged to pray for the children living in a very different setting… the children and teens of the south Sudan where civil war/unrest has had a devastating impact on their physical, educational and emotional needs.  As one worker has observed, “Children who come to us from the streets have suffered incredible trauma. Many of them have been abused, many of them have seen family members killed or seen family members die or they’ve been abandoned, and that creates incredible trauma in these children’s lives… [many are] just on survival mode and …don’t know how to play.”

    The impact of war [not] only affects the children and their families, but also their caregivers.  “It’s easy to forget that the workers, the staff who we have in these situations — you know, there’s a heavy toll on them. I believe we need to be making sure we care for our people. We need to support our people in any way we can. We need to be praying for them and with them.”

     Specifically, as you anticipate VBS, pray and encourage your children to pray for “the little ones” of South Sudan.  

•    Pray for societal stability within which children and family life can be restored and revived

•    Pray for educational reform and emotional healing from the trauma of civil war, famine and the disruption of the familiar

•    Pray for the growth and development of children and teens who will assume leadership roles within this fragile society. 

•    Pray for those who seek to speak and live out the good news of Jesus… (note the comment below…)

    “The kids know they have hope, despite what’s going on around them. The kids are committing their lives to Jesus, and they are growing in the knowledge and in the understanding of who God is. Our prayer is that these young people we are caring for today will be change-makers — that these will be young men and women who will grow up and make a difference in their community for God’s glory.”