Ephraim Lucien

    Ephraim Lucien is our guest this morning.  He lives in Hinche, Haiti with his wife Nandy and two children Veronique and Xavier.   For the past several years Ephraim has been the Haiti Vision Teams’ trusted guide, interpreter, and friend.  He is Jephthe Lucien’s brother.

    Ephraim spent many years living in the United States, returning three years ago to follow God’s call to ministry.  Ephraim and Nandy run a thrift store in Hinche, a medium-sized city in the Central Plains.  Profits from this venture are shared with the Jerusalem Baptist Ministries’ orphanage in Port-au-Prince.  He and his family attend a small local church where he frequently shares the teaching on Sunday morning.  

    Ephraim is the logistics expert for our teams.  He spends countless hours helping us prepare for our ministry.  He is on speed dial with the car rental agency, the retreat center, the lumberyard, and a host of other people and places.  He coordinates our work with the local pastors.  When a car breaks down, he finds the bolt to make the fix.  When we’re out of water, he finds more.  His work is the unseen glue that holds the teams together. 

    For the past year Ephraim has been the project coordinator for our water ministry.  To date he has delivered more than 300 water filters to scores of churches.  He trains the pastors and leaders in the use of the filters.  Recently, he managed the installation of two 1000-gallon water cisterns for our friends in Wangouman.  He passionately wants his fellow Haitians to have better access to water and food.  

    The GBC family is blessed to have Ephraim work tirelessly—and most often with personal sacrifice—helping us minister to our friends in Haiti.  Let’s pray for him and his family and their ongoing desire to be lights for Jesus Christ.