Syria Update - Light Amidst Darkness

    Someone once observed that “tradition is the way a culture gives it’s ancestors a vote.”  If there is any truth in this proverb, then the scale of destruction of both people and places by the Islamic State and the so-called moderate Muslim factions is “killing” both the present and previous inhabitants of that land.  Each day reveals the destruction of historical monuments, church buildings (e.g. in Aleppo), and the stealing of Christians’ homes and businesses as well as the killing and kidnapping of Christians.

    All this is happening in the region where Christianity began 2,000 years ago. It was on the road to Damascus that the Apostle Paul experienced his conversion to Christianity, and Syria remains one of the few places where the Aramaic language–the language of Jesus Christ–can still be heard.  But the Islamic State has changed the demography and the physical geography of Syria, destroying city after city, continuing their rampage of death and destruction. Villages gone, ancient artifacts destroyed, Christians humiliated and attempted to be exterminated, and forced to flee.   Under threat of execution, Christians are being forced either to convert to Islam, or pay an “infidel” tax.

    Where the darkness is great, so also the light shines even more brightly by contrast.  In this hard environment, many are coming to Christ and new Christian churches are emerging. Many churches are overwhelmed with newcomers, some as refugees needing assistance and others coming to faith transferring trust into Jesus Christ as Savior.

    Please pray for the Christians who remain in this dangerous part of the world.  Pray for an end to Islamic reign of terror in their lives.  Pray also about supporting outreach to Syrian Christians.  For more information see