Builders For Christ

    On Sunday, May 8th, the elders will be commending our Builders For Christ team who will travel to the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area from May 28th to June 4th.  The GBC team is twenty-seven people strong, including a few family members who live out of the area.  

    They’re helping to construct a new church, the Layton Avenue Baptist Church of Greenfield, Wisconsin.  The church recently sold its old building to a land developer and is in the process of building a new one, better equipped for the next generation.  

    Our team will worship with the Layton Avenue congregation on Sunday and be hard at work from early Monday morning to late Friday afternoon, joining other church teams from around the country.  It has been reported that they may even take an evening break during the week to see the construction techniques used in building the Milwaukee Brewers stadium—possibly during a Brewers game.  Who knows?

    The GBC team helps during the beginning of the construction when much of the structural work is being completed.  Over the years, GBC’s group has become quite proficient at hanging the giant trusses used to span large rooms.  The goal of the week is to get the trusses up and the plywood on the roof, a monumental task.

    Let’s pray for our team as they work to shine as followers of Christ.  Pray that the team would be encouragers of each other and the other building teams on site. Pray that God would be the source of their encouragement.  Pray for traveling and construction safety.  Pray that the completed new church will become a revitalized beacon of Christ for the Greenfield community.