Josh and Beka Holbrook

    Josh, Beka, and Chava Holbrook are visiting with us this morning.  GBC supports Josh and Beka as missionaries working with Equip International.  Equip has two main missions. The first is to act as a sending organization for missionaries around the world.  The second is to train missionaries in the practical skills they will need when they go out to share Christ.

    Josh and Beka work at the training center in Marion, North Carolina. Josh grew up attending GBC.  Because of his training in the sciences, Josh teaches portions of the missionary medical, the water technology, and the sustainable agriculture courses. These one or two week intensive courses prepare fledgling missionaries to learn and hone much-needed life skills.

    Beka is the director of hospitality.  She oversees the dorm facilities and food service.   Her job is to keep the trainees fed and well rested. 

    Chava, their one-year old daughter and soon-to-be-sister, has no ministry responsibilities at this time, other than to act cute.

    The Holbrooks raise their own financial support, which has been supplemented by Josh teaching anatomy and physiology at a local community college.  Josh has recently been elected as an elder at their small community church and has assumed part-time speaking responsibilities.

    Josh asks for us to pray for the ministry of Equip.  Many of the current teachers are approaching retirement age.  He’s asking that God will “raise up” the next generation of educators, so that this vital ministry will continue.

    Josh and Beka are also praying for more robust, committed financial support.  It is their desire that Josh will be able to stop his secular teaching position in order to more fully commit to his spiritual calling.    

    As a congregation, let’s pray for the Holbrooks as they enthusiastically pursue God’s calling in their lives.